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What’s Your Ism? Ep 2 feat. Kavita Krishnan on Marxist parties and feminism

A podcast about ideas and ideologies.

WrittenBy:NL Team

This is the second episode of What's your ism? — a podcast by The News Minute, with host Sudipto Mondal, that will grapple with all the impressive ‘isms’ from Marxism, Feminism, Ambedkarism to religious systems, and their inherent contradictions. 

In this episode, we discuss feminism, and the moral dilemmas of identifying with the formal left-wing in India with our guest Kavita Krishnan – one of India’s leading feminist voices from a Marxist perspective. 

The activist-politician is also one of the few women to have become a member of the CPI (ML) politburo. She delves into the complications in Marxist thought in connection with women, Dalits and other marginalised groups.

Tune in.

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