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Pakka Politics Ep 2: R Vijaya Sankar on RSS, India and Hindu Rashtra

A podcast in Tamil that breaks down and makes sense of everyday politics.

WrittenBy:The News Minute
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This is the second episode of Pakka Politics, a podcast by The News Minute to make sense of politics and its socio-cultural impact. From local to national events and global issues, we will focus on everything in the political sphere. As disinformation wreaks havoc around the world, host Shabbir Ahmed will bring in varied voices and opinions of experts, politicians, activists, academics and journalists to delve deep into the heart of issues. 

In this episode, we discuss the transformation undergone by India under the BJP government since 2014, in conversation with former editor of Frontline R Vijaya Sankar, who has also translated AG Noorani’s book The RSS: A menace to India into Tamil. 

Over the past decade, India has witnessed a rise in majoritarian politics, and the RSS’s pervasive influence in the folds of governance, politics, and culture. This shift is also visible in Tamil Nadu, where the organisation has been trying to expand its footprint beyond its traditional strongholds, such as Kanyakumari and Coimbatore. 

We dissect the ideas behind modern India, political ideologies and the growing dominance of the RSS in the country.

Tune in.

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