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Hafta 461: Silkyara tunnel collapse, India’s new broadcasting bill

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

WrittenBy:NL Team
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This week on NL Hafta, Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri, Manisha Pande and Jayashree Arunachalam are joined by anthropologist and activist Lokesh Ohri and digital content creator Meghnad.

On the Silkyara tunnel collapse, Lokesh talks about the ways in which the government “bypassed” its own rules. He says the Char Dham Project, which spans across over 800-km, was divided into 53 smaller projects to bypass environmental impact assessment. Jayashree spotlights the “under-preparedness” of the construction company and authorities.     

The panel then decodes the Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill, 2023. Meghnad observes that the bill seeks to “increase the scope” of the government’s existing framework to regulate online creators and content. Manisha says the only political content on OTTs are those criticising the Congress party.

This and a lot more. Tune in!

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