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Awful and Awesome Ep 340: Animal, Griselda, Bhumi Pednekar interview

The pop culture podcast that isn’t afraid to pop the bubble.

WrittenBy:NL Team

While discussing Animal:

Abhinandan: This is not a film, it’s a cry for help of a guy who has some major issues. 

Rajyashree: Mr Vanga?

I think as a boy he wanted to be part of the cool gang. My guess is, that gang was of Punjabis and sardars…(laughs) But they sang a Punjabi song and told him to fuck off. 

(Rajyasree laughs.)

Abhinandan: So, he thought when he grows up he will have  his own Punjabi gang…But he never grew up. 

This and a whole lot of awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri and Rajyasree Sen discuss the film Animal, the series The Expats and Griselda, and the documentary The Greatest Night In Pop. Also in this episode, a special interview with Bhumi Pednekar about her Netflix film Bhakshak. Stay tuned till the end. 

Producer’s note: Abhindanan and Rajyasree’s review of Animal was long overdue, and it’s funnier than we expected it to be. So, as a fun game this weekend, we urge you to take a shot of your favourite drink anytime Abhinandan swears while reviewing the film! Enjoy! 

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