TV Newsance 243: Aman defends Modi, Sushant copies BJP ad, ban on Patanjali ad

Your weekly dose of all the insanity that passes off as news on TV.

WrittenBy:NL Team

This week started off with a lot of talk about Dhruv Rathee’s video suggesting that India might be heading towards dictatorship. Aman Chopra took serious offence to it, leaping to Modi’s defence and telling us all about how hard it is to be Modi. 

Meanwhile, we found that all the Modi bhakti that Sushant does on his primetime show was not very original. Sadly, it’s copied from the BJP itself – its government ads, to be precise. We got inspired and made one ourselves. 

We also saw the supreme court putting a temporary ban on Patanjali ads, which did not stop Aaj Tak from showing them. We take a look back at the India Today group’s role in promoting Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products. 


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