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Hafta 482: JDS-BJP in Karnataka, inheritance tax debate, issues with PMLA

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

WrittenBy:NL Team

This week, Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri, Jayashree Arunachalam and Shardool Katyayan are joined by The News Minute’s Pooja Prasanna and lawyer Vakasha Sachdev.

On the Karnataka polls, Pooja says the JDS and BJP are “better allies” than the Congress and JDS since “their target base does not overlap. Both parties bring something new and fresh to the table”. She adds that the “myth of the Vokkaligas being secular is nonsense”.

The panel discusses the inheritance tax debate, with Vakasha saying the tax has a solid rationale behind it “from a social justice perspective”. Jayashree says the matter escalated into a controversy because people are “conflating a lot of things, like what Modi said about the Congress taking away people’s money”. Shardool adds, “Most of the people arguing about this tax won’t have to pay it because it applies to the creamy layer of society.”

Vakasha then explains why the PMLA is problematic. On the state of the Indian judiciary, he says over the years, “we’ve had our justice system constantly become a voice for the establishment”, adding that there is a lack of critique of the courts. Abhinandan says people are possibly “afraid of critiquing the court because of contempt of courts have completely gone out of scrutiny”.

This and a whole lot more. Tune in!

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Song: Band Aankh Se Dekh Tamasha


00: 04:31 - Headlines

00: 12:49 - Lok Sabha elections: Karnataka  

00: 26:30 - Inheritance tax

01: 00:00 - Prevention of Money Laundering Act

01: 28:55 - Letters 

01: 57:30 - Recommendations 


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Produced and recorded by Aryan Mahtta, edited by Hassan Bilal. 


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