Anjana Om Kashyap calls CAA and NRC a ‘lethal combination’. Social media is in shock

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In the evening on January 5, a masked mob armed with sticks and rods stormed hostels at Delhi’s  Jawaharlal Nehru University, ransacking rooms and beating up students and teachers. The violence was allegedly coordinated through a WhatsApp group called “Unity against Left”.

Unsurprisingly, the attack has dominated television news, with most anchors taking predictable views. On Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap held a debate on the topic. Known for her saffron-tinted views, Kashyap then held a live chat on YouTube. Some questions from the viewers were benign (“How was your vacation?”), but her response to a question about the citizenship law came as a shock.


Briefly, Kashyap says the Citizenship Amendment Act in itself isn’t a “new concept”. But “when you combine this with the NRC, this can be a lethal combination. Because the ones who are left out due to incomplete documents, they can get citizenship if they are Hindu. But for Muslims, even if they are genuine but they don’t have the complete documents or papers, they won’t be eligible for citizenship. CAA and NRC can be a lethal combination.”

She added: “The government will have to think about this from a different and new perspective because the protest against the CAA and NRC is increasing all over India.”

Oddly, Anjana didn’t stop there. She also said, “At the time of Partition, Mahatama Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru too said that if the Hindu brothers, who have been left behind, face any kind of discrimination in Pakistan or Bangladesh, they should get a place in India.”

Minds were blown.


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