These cartoons about the Bulandshahr violence mirror the dark side of Indian democracy

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The Bulandshahr mob violence that took place earlier this week has left one police inspector and one protesting civilian dead. The clash between protestors and police authorities took place over an alleged incident of cow slaughter; apparently, cow carcasses were found in a nearby forest.

For the past 48 hours, updates and reports of the incident have dominated space in the media headlines. However, some things cannot be said through words—they have to be visually represented and must contain a high quotient of shock value.

That’s where cartoonists and their creations come in. Their recent imagery depicts the Bulandshahr incident for what it was— without a filter.

Manjul’s “Mumbai Meri Jaan” that appeared in Wednesday’s Mid-day tickles one’s funny bone, especially because of what the irate Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister looks like.

BBC Hindi’s cartoon was probably the darkest of the lot, showing cows with guns in their hands in one frame, while the next one showed a destroyed city that has been destroyed and a police officer’s cap lying in a pool of blood.

Talented India‘s offering decided a subtle approach but was wasted.

Shaunak Samvatsar showed how the roles have been reversed.

Kirtish Bhatt was unabashed and unapologetic.

Nala Ponappa’s cartoon shows the perils of walking with a cow, as compared to walking beside a girl.

This is another one of Manjul’s creations.

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