Bizarre Media Moment of the Week#13

How one story is more important than a man’s life, not to mention his family’s.

ByMadhu Trehan
Bizarre Media Moment of the Week#13
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Published in The Times of India May 10, 2012 from The New York Times News Service

Newslaundry’s Take: Lovely. Just lovely. “The agent is now safe in Saudi Arabia, officials said. The bombing plot was kept secret for weeks by the CIA and other agencies because they feared retaliation against the agent and his family.”

Safe? Who are you kidding? Used and no use any more, dumped to await obvious retaliation from al-Qaeda! Now that The New York Times has supplied all the information, the sitting duck should stop paddling around and move to Iceland.

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Complaining about the media is easy and often justified. But hey, it’s the model that’s flawed.

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