We Ask #AskChetan

We’re excited beyond the beyond. All invited to #AskChetan. So we ask.

ByMahima Singh
We Ask #AskChetan
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We all know that Twitter loves Chetan Bhagat a bit too much for anyone’s comfort. This time, Twitter, you took it to a whole new dimension. Transcending the notion of time, #AskChetan is so much more than just another Chetan Bhagat trend. (We need to ask questions today that Bhagat will answer tomorrow.)

Started by SAP India, a software company, #AskChetan is a trend that requires you to ask questions on technology and how it will affect the future of work in India.

Now, if you are given instructions, why the hell would you want to follow them, right?  So, apart from all the Asimov-inspired Skynet questions, #AskChetan also generated questions that have nothing to do with technology or work in India.

Since Chetan bhai will only be answering question tomorrow and there is a high chance that he will only answer questions on work and technology, we imagine what he would say to some of the people today on unrelated issues.

This is a work of satire.


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