Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode – 5

The fifth episode of our 11-part series on the four major international development summits of the year.

ByBiraj Swain
Global Summits: Where are we going? – Episode – 5
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Development writer and international negotiations watcher Biraj Swain discusses with Prof Sanjay Reddy of New School of Social Research, New York, Prof John Clammer of UN University, Tokyo, Dipa Sinha of Right to Food Campaign, Nilachala Acharya of Centre of Budget and Governance Accountability and Prof Praveen Jha of Jawaharlal Nehru University, the definition, reasons and nature of renewed energy around universal social protection globally. They take stock of social protection programmes in India, budgetary allocations and weigh in if it is a political or financial question. They also discuss the moral and economic arguments for social protection, and India’s track record. And they wrap up with the question if universal social protection will ever be a reality for all the 7 billion of the world and how.

They also listen in to the 80s hit reggae band UB40, which has a social protection connection.


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