NL Hafta – Episode 66: From Karl Marx to Kangana

NL Hafta – Episode 66: From Karl Marx to Kangana

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

By NL Team

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AgustaWestland’s VVIP choppers are flying inside parliament or perhaps they’re crashing? Is Kangana Ranaut a feminist icon? How seriously should you take trolls and is Rajdeep Sardesai giving them too much importance? What is Nitish Kumar cooking, since cooking has been banned during the day in parts of Bihar? Why was the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand transferred and should the Kerala rape victim’s name and photo be revealed? We discuss all this and a lot more on this episode of NL Hafta. We also dedicate a song to Karl Marx on his birth anniversary.


  1. Barkha Dutt’s interview with Kangana Ranaut
  2. India Today exclusive with Kangana Ranaut: I am not ashamed of witchcraft’
  3. Zee News report on Bihar Government’s order against cooking and yagnas
  4. Huffington Post’s report on the transfer of the Uttarakhand’s Chief Justice
  5. R.Jagannathan’s article on  job conditions in India
  6. Ishan Kukreti’s article: Mandakini ki Awaaz
  7. Shalini Singh’s article on CBI
  8. Siddharta Deb’s article on Narendra Modi
  9.  Radio Opensource podcast: “a war on the global wanderings of the unverified self.”
  10. Slate’s article on Donald Trump
  11. Devdutt Pattanayak’s piece in Mumbai Mirror
  12. Kevin St. John interviews DarkMatter
  13. Firstpost India’s article on the wrong depiction of the Indian Map
  14. Huffington Post’s article on Trump
  15. Mohammad Hanif’s profile in the New Yorker
  16. Youtube video: Buldhana protestors performing ‘Nagin Dance’

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