To care or not to care about Shobhaa De – that is the question Twitter is asking

By NL Team

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While the media can’t decide if it’s Shobha De or Shobhaa De, Twitter is wondering if she matters at all. You don’t need us to brief you on the latest controversy around Ms De, but since we are thorough like that, here’s what happened. This is what the “journalist, columnist, social commentator, opinion-shaper and author of 18 books” – taken verbatim from her Twitter profile – tweeted about 17 hours ago.

Obviously people didn’t take kindly to this, especially those who know a thing or two about sports.

Our favourite reaction was this little pic from the annals of history.

The more important question that interests us, though, is if one should take Ms De and anything she say seriously even if she takes herself a tad too seriously.

As Taslima Nasrin said, “Why it matters what Shobhaa De says?”

As all things in life, Twitter and what Twitteratis think do not matter. Ms De is already being invited to TV studios to clear her stand. Curse be upon TV news if this is discussed in prime time today.