What’s The Milli Gazette smoking?

WrittenBy:NL Team
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The Milli Gazette describes itself as “Indian Muslim’s Leading Newspaper”. On its website, it declares that it takes it upon itself to make the “Muslim side of the story heard”. We pity anyone who has  actually fallen for that and decided to follow the paper for serious news.


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Sample this tweet The Milli Gazette sent out from its official account.

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Yup. You’re reading that correctly. The newspaper did indeed tweet a story about a case of rape to preach morality and piousness. The Times of India report is about a 15-year-old girl who has alleged she was gangraped in New Delhi. Now, TOI’s report isn’t the finest example of gender-sensitivity either– giving prominence to the claims made by the accused in the headline is only one example – but using it to victim shame and peddle regressive socio-religious mores is reaching new levels of crass. Suitably, The Milli Gazette got raked for this on Twitter. Surprisingly, the tweet is still on its timeline.


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