Modi talks about surgical strike, taint free government in address to Indian diaspora

By NL Team

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While addressing a community reception at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that there has not been “even a single blot or taint” on his Government in the past three years. He also said that the past governments went down because of corruption and Indians hate corruption. The reception had over 600 members of the Indian diaspora. Prior to this, the Prime Minister held a round table conference with top US business leaders at the Willard Hotel in Washington. He had asked CEOs of top US companies to invest in the country, insisting that the country has now emerged as a business-friendly destination, which will expand following the implementation of GST beginning next month.

The”no blot, no taint” remark was seen by many as ironic and the hashtag #DarkDaysOfModi, began trending on Twitter in the wake of recent incidents such as the lynchings and hate crimes in the country, not to mention the agrarian crisis where at least six protesting farmers were shot dead by the police.

During his speech, Modi added that he sees immense energy and potential in the US-Indian community.

Commenting on the country’s military prowess, Modi was quoted as saying by the Indian Express, “When India did surgical strikes the world experienced our power and realised that India practices restraint but can show power when needed.”

Modi will also meet Donald Trump for his first bilateral meeting with the US President shortly. One of the major issues of the talk remains the H1B visa issue.