Hafta 126: Spirited debate on ‘Lynchistan’, #NotInMyName, Air India and presidential candidates

Hafta 126: Spirited debate on ‘Lynchistan’, #NotInMyName, Air India and presidential candidates

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The Central government has decided to sell debt-ridden Air India. Will the government have to ‘pay’ to sell Air India? Govindraj Ethiraj, journalist and founder of IndiaSpend.com, joins the regular gang of Hafta as we discuss Air India’s fate. Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan, Anand Ranganathan and Manisha Pande, along with our guest, also discuss the presidential picks by both the governing coalition and the opposition; the Modi and Trump meet: how fruitful was it for India? And, finally, has India become ‘Lynchistan’ or was it like always this? Is data being used to justify the lynchings under the current regime? Listen up, there’s a song dedication in the end too.

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