NL Tippani: Tank you, JNU!

The Jawaharlal Nehru University VC has stepped into uncharted waters by asking for a tank to instil patriotism among his free-spirited students.

ByNL Team
NL Tippani: Tank you, JNU!
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Is it the job of a Vice-Chancellor to inculcate patriotism into his students? Before people could make up their minds, JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar stepped out to request two Union ministers for a tank that will be installed in the varsity to inculcate nationalism and patriotism among his students. Aren’t arms (and tanks) meant to safeguard one’s freedoms and rights and not to be worshiped at the cost of academic freedom? Institutions of higher learning are not grounds for the politically vicious campaign to inculcate nationalism and weed out those who don’t agree. That, is petty partisan politics.

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