Newslaundry presents: Our new show ‘Consti-tuition’

For those of you who weren't paying attention in Civics class, here's our brand new show on why everyone matters in a democracy.

ByMeghnad S
Newslaundry presents: Our new show ‘Consti-tuition’
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Dear Readers,

We are about to take a dramatic turn together.

I started writing this column for Newslaundry a year ago to break down happenings within Parliament in understandable and fun ways. Honestly speaking, I did not expect my content to become this widely read.

“Explaining Parliament with GIFs and memes? As listicles? Are you insane?” was an often used refrain when I expressed this idea to fellow policy folks. I was also constantly worried about how Parliamentarians (who I worked with & otherwise) would perceive what I wrote about. But one had to give it a shot, regardless of the consequences, and the response has been truly overwhelming.

Simply put, it was an experiment that the good people at Newslaundry allowed me to do and it just… kinda blew up.

Policy making and legislation is serious stuff. The laws made by Parliament and implemented by Government affect real people in profound ways. Giving it a humorous angle might be seen as reducing the seriousness of the whole thing and being flippant. But the way I see it, there’s a difference between the laws & the people who make them.

Policy is not funny, but the people most definitely are hilarious.

I have slowly and steadily come to a realisation that the kind of stuff I have been writing about are like individual pieces of a puzzle. It is creating a pattern. Like assembling a puzzle without really knowing that a big picture is being created.

So we have decided to take things up a notch. To make this crazy experiment we started a bit bigger, much more fun-ner. I am hosting a new YouTube show titled “Consti-tuition” which will try to decrypt this great puzzle for you. When I pitched this idea to NL, they jumped on it with much enthusiasm and invested considerable amount of time and resources into it. We assembled a writing team consisting of myself, Vikram and Shibesh. NL’s team put in their own little quirks and ideas into Consti-tuition and what we have now is a crazy journey of sorts.

Consti-tuition an amalgamation of all my columns, the crazy things one has uncovered, laid out sequentially into 10 episodes. We will cover a *lot* of stuff starting with the very basics of how you and I interact with Democracy through VOTING. Then we move on to stand-alone episodes on how bills become laws, how Budgets work, how the Three Pillars of Democracy interact with each other and much much more. We’ve laid it all out like a story which attempts to explain the most complicated system of Governance in the observable universe.

I wanted to thank you, dear reader, for all your encouragement and support. Also for consuming my rants, reviews, explainers (and GIFs!) with such gusto. Please do support and subscribe to Newslaundry and enable them to do more crazy experiments like this one.

Get ready. This Friday, on Newslaundry’s Youtube channel (subscribe to the channel to not miss any updates), we begin a batshit amazeballs 10 week journey which will be filled with much information, loads of snarky jokes aimed at politicians, sometimes aimed at YOU as well and a little bit of… Homework.

What? It’s a tuition! All tuition classes give homework and so shall we!

*wink wink*

My lovely readers and fellow policy nerds, this is all for you!




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