Newly sworn Minister Anantkumar Hegde’s Twitter account gives a peek into his mindset

Scrolling through the Twitter feed of Anantkumar Hegde, the latest Minister of State for Skill Development is alarming given the casual sexism, fake information and islamophobia on display

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Newly sworn Minister Anantkumar Hegde’s Twitter account gives a peek into his mindset
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Anantkumar Hedge was sworn in as the Minister of State for Skill Development in the latest Cabinet shuffle. He shared his happiness regarding being appointed as a Minister on his Twitter account. Over the course of six tweets, he thanked the Prime Minister, people from his Uttar Kannada constituency, BJP President Amit Shah and the party itself. However, as one scrolls down his Twitter timeline, some of his tweets raise grave question marks over his appointment as a Minister.

Case 1: Fakery

In the image above, not only is the Minister pushing a fake narrative, he seems to have an issue with a man and a woman having a friendly relationship. Report by ABP News on this issue states, “We found that the woman in photograph was not a teacher but a research scholar named Somya Mani Tripathi. The woman had shared the picture on her Facebook profile, in which Kanhaiya and she were sharing a friendly laughter. She had uploaded the pictures on March 5. Some miscreants took out the picture and shared the derogatory post. She later clarified on her Facebook post that she didn’t find laughing with her friend wrong.

 He’s tweeted multiple times attacking JNU. He also retweeted a tweet which said, “Bring in Army and Crush these A**holes” while referring to students of Ramjas college. So, we now have a Union Minister who wants to ‘crush’ rebellious students with the Army.

Case 2: Views on Islam, Christianity and Buddhism

 Islam needs to be held by its hornChurch is just a commercially operated Religious conversion platform, and if not for Buddhism, Akhand Bharat could have been realized – These are his views on religion in a multi-cultural, multi-religious country like India of which he is now a Central Minister.
Here are his views on Ayodhya.

Further, in a press conference, he had stated, “Till the time Islam exists in the world, no one can stop terrorism. If we want to keep a place like Bhatkal peaceful, then we should throw Islam away from this world and we should shut Islam.

Case 3: Loves the word “Presstitute”

Presstitute is a derogatory term which is essential a combination of Press+Prostitute. The Minister uses it routinely on his Twitter timeline.

Photo captions are usually added by editors based on feedback from photographers. Here the Minister holds Barkha Dutt responsible for a photo caption while referring to her as presstitute.

In another tweet, he was found outraging about a fake news report about Dawood Ibrahim being killed and suggesting that “presstitutes and bollywood actresses” would feel tremendous loss. Why attack only actresses and not actors even if you are livid about Bollywood’s connection with Dawood?

He also wants journalist Rana Ayyub under surveillance for her ‘anti-national’ misdeeds. This tweet came a few days after Rana Ayyub’s book Gujarat Files was released.

Case 4: Indira Gandhi is Maimuna Begum

In this tweet, Mr Hegde refers to Indira Gandhi as Maimuna Begaum, a name that fake news sites like PostCard News often use for Indira Gandhi.

Associating a Muslim name to political leader is not limited to Indira Gandhi. In another tweet, he refers to Mamta Banerjee as Mumtaz.

Addressing Indira Gandhi as Maimuna Begaum and Mamta Banerjee as Mumtaz is what trolls on Twitter do. Here we have a Union Minister doing the same. Also, it yet again shows his mindset towards Muslims since he thinks that addressing a person with a Muslim name brings down his/her character.

In real life too, Mr Hegde’s career hasn’t been short of controversies. Recently, he was caught on camera thrashing a Doctor at Karnataka Hospital as reported by the NewsMinute.

It is shocking that a person with so much apparent hate for various religions has been chosen to be a minister in a multi-cultural country like ours. It is shocking that a man who retweets tweets wanting to ‘crush’ students and thinks that a woman laughing with a man is to be looked down upon has chosen to be a minister. Out of 280 BJP MPs, is this the talent that PM Modi has ‘thoughtfully’ chosen to be the Minister of Skill Development?

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