Consti-tuition Episode 04: Committees

Committees meet to come up with suggestions that can turn into laws.

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Consti-tuition Episode 04: Committees
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In this episode of Consti-tuition, Meghnad explains how bills are analysed by Committees and why that vital aspect of democracy is losing its importance. Episode 2 was about how Bills become laws, but what the law contains and how valid the contents are, all depends on the scrutiny by committees.

To recall how Bills become Laws, do watch Ep 2 here:

Catch new episodes of this series every Friday at 7 pm on our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe) as we go on a journey to understand the Great Indian Democracy. Oh and don’t forget to do your homework!

Homework for Episode 4

1) Look up your MP on > Members > Sitting Members

2) Find out which committee they belong to & tweet with #KnowYourCommittee

3) Suggest subjects that your MP should raise in his/her committee

Join us for a Homework Review on Tuesday,  September 26, 2017, at 6 pm on our Facebook page where we go live to read out your responses, discuss committees and what they’ve been up to.

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