Consti-tuition Episode 07: Babus

Consti-tuition Episode 07: Babus

Who does all the work in government? Find out!

By NL Team

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In this episode of Consti-tuition, Meghnad breaks down the second pillar of democracy. Not literally. Metaphorically speaking. The second pillar, the Executive, is responsible for implementing the laws that Parliament makes. Find out how our Babus work and how they are supposed to work. Wait… Do they even work?
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Homework for Episode 7
1) Tell us tales about your interaction with Bureaucrats and Government officials. The good, the bad and the ugly. Share your stories with #BabuTales.
2) Find out who your district collector is and check out their profile using this link: . Just enter the last name of the officer you are looking for and you might stumble upon his/her profile. It’s a Govt website, so best of luck.
Join us for a Homework Review on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at 7 pm on our Facebook page where we go live to read out your responses, discuss the Bureaucracy.