Republic had a mother of all polls yesterday. (We try and match up)

By NL Team

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There were days when no-show rallies or non-news events were relegated to half a minute of a bulletin on TV news. Not anymore.

By most accounts, including ours, the “yuva rally” organised by Vadgam legislator Jignesh Mewani in New Delhi wasn’t exactly a crowd-puller. Republic TV and Times Now decided that the fact of it not managing to create a stir is worthy of a full primetime show. They had hashtags to go with it too: #JigneshFlopShow. (Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, NDTV India debated if the rally was comparable to the India Against Corruption movement.)

What really took our breath away, though, was Republic TV’s poll.

Talk about being subtle. The poll is perhaps Republic TV’s response to their reporter being heckled at the rally yesterday. Because calling the “tuke tukde gang” a bunch of rats turned hyenas” was not enough. Seriously, Arnab Goswami said that on primetime last night.

Coming back to the poll, we feel it offers, umm, very limited options. So here’s us spicing it up a little.