Election Commission asks tech firms in Karnataka to help keep an eye on ‘fake news’

By NL Team

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In light of the Karnataka Assembly elections scheduled on May 12, Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat made appeals to local technology firms and experts to keep a constant watch on social media platforms and to bring to light any instances of ‘fake news’.

Speaking to The Hindu, he said: “This has been done for the first time. The Commission has asked the local technology firms to remain vigilant, particularly with respect to social media. If any possible manipulation through fake news is found, they should expose all such cases and bring them in the public domain so that the Commission can take stern action.”

Rawat said on his last visit to Karnataka, the Commission had received a report on the issue of ‘paid news’, which stated that a newspaper had been reporting in favour of a particular candidate. He added that since there are a large number of social media platforms, it might be difficult for the Commission to keep track. Hence, vigilance by all stakeholders could be helpful.