A review of NL Hafta by Dhiraj, Arvind, Mohit and Shipra
NL Dhulai

A review of NL Hafta by Dhiraj, Arvind, Mohit and Shipra

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

By NL Subscriber

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Hi Abhinandan,

Thanks very much for the reply on Hafta. Guess till Anand Vardhan replied with “the decency quote”, I would have said I agree to disagree Abhinandan. But when the debate extended to your experience as a kid, I was happy that we were almost on the same page since I was not aware completely of the restaurateur’s reasoning.

I would suggest making your point of “societal limits” (I don’t agree completely though) more clear in your article.

Thanks anyways.

Best Regards



Hello Team Newslaundry,

This is Arvind Nangalia, a Computer Engineer from Surat (Gujarat). Firstly, I have finally subscribed after listening to 150 Haftas, all Charchas, almost all NL interviews/Can you take it on youtube,  Constitution Season-1 and Media Rumble. I wonder, if this is a record for Newslaundry mufatkhori.

And why did I subscribe? Ironically, not for Hafta, but for Reporter Without Orders. Also, Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan 110K followers) did a twitter survey (approx 2K ppl participated) in which 76 per cent of the participants were happy if journalism as a profession ended. I was tempted to remark what an Opposition-mukt and Journalist-mukt “democracy” would be called but refrained.

I don’t have any advice or recommendations, but have a demand — please bring on one Muslim liberal and one sensible Muslim conservative as your guests on Hafta to discuss their views on the current topics related to religious intolerance – both within the majority Hindus and also within Islam. If no names come to mind, maybe the Muslim liberal can be the lady petitioner against Triple Talaq. And if you are unwilling to bring a Muslim conservative on Hafta, kindly conduct an interview please. But, the interview should only be conducted by Abhinandan Sekhri who for me is the ideal Indian classical liberal and he can cut through the bullshit and spin thrown out subtlely by conservatives.

Dear Madhu madam, am a huge fan of yours and with Abhinandan Sekhri, I think Newslaundry is in safe hands and looking at long innings. I love the rest of the regular team too.

Arvind Nangalia
Surat (Gujarat)


Hi Hafta Team,

Please listen to the show Reporters Without Orders hosted by young reporters that discuss topics that may make the Hafta discussion more accurate. For example, on the Amit Shah related story on the bank deposits in early days of demonetisation, Hafta discussion rambled into hypotheticals and conjectures whether calls were made from the BJP to newspapers and whether it was foolish to do that.  

On Reporters Without Orders, the guest reporter Siddharth Dutta from IANS pointed out relevant points pertaining to this issue. He explicitly states that phone calls were made by the government to IANS asking them to take down the story. Other methods of pressure by the BJP that are being carried out against IANS were also pointed out in the podcast.

Look forward to your episodes every week.



Hi Hafta team,

I have been a subscriber for more than 2 years. Currently, I live in Washington  DC and Hafta is my conduit to home.

Just some views:

Regarding the Emergency publicity blitzkrieg, I believe that the BJP wants to cast Emergency in the place of Freedom Movement as it has no contribution to speak about in case of the former.

I recently read that EPFO has revised its number of new accounts added, which the current government touted as proof of new jobs created, would love to read a piece or some discussion on it.

Regarding the passport row, I believe that due to trust deficit of the government towards citizens, we have archaic policies, due to such policies citizens indulge in nefarious activities to sidestep government regulation, thus resulting in a vicious circle.

I think that Hafta would benefit from specialist panellists from the subscriber base as well. The subscribers that were a part of the “Me too” episode added greatly to the discussion.


Shipra Garg