#MediaRumble: Who Is Winning The False News Battle?

Is technology protecting us from the Fake News Battle?

ByNL Team
#MediaRumble: Who Is Winning The False News Battle?
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In this session of The Media Rumble, Deputy Executive Editor of CNN-News18, Zakka Jacob, is in conversation with Aaron Sharockman, Executive Director of PolitiFacts, Anim Van Wyk, Editor of Africa Check, Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder of IndiaSpend and BOOM, Ishteyaque Amjad, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola and Trushar Barot from BBC London, about the role of technology in the age of fake news. How aware are we and what measures are being taken?

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Complaining about the media is easy and often justified. But hey, it’s the model that’s flawed.

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