Young people don’t care much for TV news: YouGov-Mint Millennial Survey

By NL Team

Published on :

An online poll of over 5,000 respondents spread across 180 cities confirms what’s been a suspicion for long: the diminishing importance of TV news for young people. The study conducted by Mint in partnership with YouGov shows that most millennials and post-millennials consume news online, with only a handful relying on television news and print. Here millennials refer to those between the ages of 22 and 37. People aged 21 years or below are categorised as Gen Z.

The study notes that the difference among generations when it comes to news habits is starkest for television news. About 26 per cent of older millennials depends on TV news channels, while the number slips to 18 per cent for Gen Z and younger millennials (22-28 years). The survey also shows that “the share of millennials watching online entertainment (48 per cent) exceeds the share of millennials watching cable television (43 per cent). Among post-millennials, the difference is even starker: 44 per cent of them watch online entertainment content.”