Let’s Talk About: Female Genital Mutilation

Let’s Talk About: Female Genital Mutilation

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Two hundred million women across the world have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). That’s more than the combined populations of the UK, France and Italy. Involving the physical alteration of the female genitalia, the practice has been described by activists as “cruelty of the first order”. It has been documented in South Asia, the US, Canada and Europe. In Africa and the Middle East, FGM goes back a couple of thousand years.

In this episode of Let’s Talk About, Gaurav Sarkar delves into the nature of FGM: why and where is it practised? How widespread is it in India? Is it an essential part of Islam? What are the debates surrounding it? He speaks to activists and scholars to explore the religious, mythological, legal and medical aspects of female genital mutilation.

Tune into this episode of Let’s Talk About to listen to the tale of FGM, stretching from Benin in Africa to Bhindi Bazaar in Mumbai.

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Masooma Ranalvi is a women’s rights activist and the founder of WeSpeakOut, a survivor-led anti-FGM collective based in India. She currently works as a trainer on gender issues like diversity and sexual harassment.

Samina Kanchwala is the secretary of the Dawoodi Bohra Women’s Association for Religious Freedom (DBWRF), an organisation working for the cultural and religious rights of Dawoodi Bohra women.

Shaikh Mustafa Abdulhussein is a scholar and a senior member of the global Bohra community who has contributed to the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World (Oxford University Press, 1995).


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