India will have largest Muslim population in the world in 2060, but Muslims will remain religious minority: Pew Research

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India will have the largest Muslim population in the world—with 33 crore Muslims— by the year 2060, reported Pew Research Center. The American agency’s estimate states that the Muslim population of India will amount to 19.4 per cent of its total population. By 2060, India will also have 11.1 per cent of the world’s Muslim population. Yet, Muslims will remain a religious minority in India.

It stated: “By 2060, India is expected to supplant Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population. Still, India’s Muslim population will remain a minority religious group (19%) in the Hindu-majority country.”

Quoting data from 2015, the report said India in 2015 had a Muslim population of over 19 crores, second only to Indonesia which is home to nearly 22 crore Muslims. According to the 2015 data, 14.9 per cent of India’s population is Muslim, making up 11.1 per cent of the world’s Muslim population.

The report states: “…about two-thirds (65%) of the world’s Muslims live in the countries with the 10 largest Muslim populations, while only 48% of the world’s Christians live in the countries with the 10 largest Christian populations.” The United States and Brazil currently have the highest Christian populations globally—and will stay that way in 2060.

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