Consti-tuition – Episode 13: Citizenship

It's a hugely complex and convoluted issue that encompasses identities.

ByNL Team
Consti-tuition – Episode 13: Citizenship
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“Go to Pakistan” might have become a funny refrain but the people using it want particular Indian citizens to become, well, Pakistani citizens. It is one of the daftest refrain being used in present-day India and Meghnad tells you why.

Citizenship is a complex issue which encompasses identities, especially on the lines of caste, religion, language, appearance and even ideology. With the government’s introduction of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and the push towards a National Register for Citizens, the concept has become even more convoluted than ever before.

In the penultimate episode of Consti-tuition, Meghnad tries to break the issue down and explain what it means to be the citizen of a country—not just our country, any country.

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