PM Modi’s first press conference? Nope.

WrittenBy:NL Team

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah addressed the media in a press meet at BJP’s Delhi headquarters today.

Shah spoke about the party’s three month-long campaign that began in February this year. He predicted that the BJP would secure more than 300 seats alone in the Lok Sabha Elections. The results are due on May 23.

PM Modi told the journalists how smooth and disciplined the party’s campaign had been and then signed off: “I’ve come before you with the same enthusiasm which I had on the very first day. It was good to have an opportunity to meet all you. Thank you very much, and thanks for everything.” 

The Prime Minister continued to be seated beside Shah as the BJP president took questions from journalists. He did not answer any questions himself, not even those addressed to him.

Journalists from media outlets like Times Now, Indian Express, CNN-News 18, NDTV, among others, were present at the press meet. Shah addressed questions on the Rafale controversy, violence in Bengal, Pragya Thakur, federalism and Rahul Gandhi.

Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap and NDTV’s Akhilesh Sharma addressed their questions to PM Modi. “My question is for PM Modi,” Kashyap began. Modi, however, promptly pointed towards Shah. “We have to maintain discipline when the party president speaks,” Modi said.

Ditto when NDTV’s Akhilesh Sharma asked the PM to respond to the scheduled meetings of the Opposition parties on May 23. Modi again pointed to Shah who answered the question.

When Shah was asked about the allegations of violence against the BJP in West Bengal, Shah blamed the media: “Eighty BJP workers have lost their lives since 2014. But my grievance is not with Mamataji, my grievance is with you people. Why don’t you counterquestion her?”

When Aaj Tak’s Ashok Singhal questioned Shah about what he thought the Modi government couldn’t achieve in its tenure, Shah remarked with a chuckle that the government couldn’t take the media along. “We couldn’t convince you people,” he said. PM Modi will perhaps go down in the history of Indian democracy as the only PM who did not given a single press conference during his tenure.


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