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NL Interviews: Madhu Trehan in conversation with Deepa Mehta

NL Interviews: Madhu Trehan in conversation with Deepa Mehta

The Leila co-director on movies that influence her and how this is her first time directing something she hasn’t written.

By NL Team

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Newslaundry’s editor-in-chief Madhu Trehan sits down with Deepa Mehta, the creative executive producer and co-director of the upcoming Netflix series Leila, based on Prayaag Akbar’s dystopian novel of the same name.

Madhu asks Deepa about the differences between making a movie and a series. They discuss the kind of challenges that crop up with having source material already in hand, since Leila is Deepa’s first experience with directing something she has not written herself. Madhu and Deepa briefly engage on India’s current geopolitical client.

Deepa elaborates on her “possible connections” with Leila that might have roots in her experience of shooting her film Water in Banaras. She also talks about movies that have influenced her, and much more. Tune in! And come back tomorrow, when Madhu interviews Huma Qureshi, who plays the lead role in Leila.