A review of NL Hafta by Bharat and Suraj
NL Dhulai

A review of NL Hafta by Bharat and Suraj

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

By NL Subscriber

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Hello panel,

The problem with climate reporting is indeed that of expertise. In general, we see very little science journalism in India. There are hardly any star communicators from the fields of physical, computational and biological sciences that reporters can invite and make their interviews interesting for all.

In the US, we routinely hear from Art Kaplan, Bruce Greene, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sanjay Gupta, Atul Gawande, etc. on NPR and TV shows. The Indian media needs to have a dedicated science section. It’s currently too biased towards politics and entertainment.



Dear NL Hafta,

I am a subscriber based in Hamburg. On the last Hafta, I heard Manisha Pande talk about her visit to Hamburg. I urge the team to let me know next time when any of you visit Hamburg. It would be an honour to show you around the city. To urge more people to subscribe, I would like to share a story about how I became a subscriber:

I graduated from my Masters in Mechatronics recently. Since I was broke and looking for a job, I could not get myself to subscribe. So, my friend Siddarth from the Netherlands, a subscriber for years, wanted to give me a gift. I had to choose between Newslaundry subscription or Two Saints book by Arun Shourie. And I chose Newslaundry. Haven’t regretted it since. Keep up the good work! Hafta is an absolute treat. I would love for you guys to do more coverage from my home state of TN.


Suraj Muralidharan