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NL Interview: Deepak Chaurasia on Shaheen Bagh, Sudhir Chaudhary, and what’s news

‘Sudhir and I have different editorial lines.’

WrittenBy:NL Team

Deepak Chaurasia is consulting editor, News Nation. A popular face on news TV, he has over the years worked with ABP News, India News and DD News.

Chaurasia sat down with Abhinandan Sekhri to talk about his “ordeal” at Shaheen Bagh, the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, his relationship with Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News, and the future of news.

Talking about his visit to Shaheen Bagh, where mostly Muslim women have been protesting against the new citizenship law for nearly two months now, he said, “If a place is holding the nation hostage and has divided the nation into two parts, then it is my duty to show the reality behind it.”

On going to Shaheen Bagh along with Chaudhary, he said, “My relationship with Sudhir was limited to that show, after which we went our separate ways. We have different editorial lines as well.”

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