Watch: A day at Narendra Modi’s campaign rally in Delhi

We waited around for the prime minister to show up, grew impatient, and spoke to the BJP’s supporters assembled instead.

ByMeghnad S
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What happens when WhatsApp forwards come to life? When all that misinformation, all that communal rhetoric finds vent at one location? Well, we went to a campaign rally of Narendra Modi in East Delhi’s Karkardooma and that’s what we were confronted with.

We waited for the prime minister to arrive but he didn’t for hours. So, we decided to speak with the BJP’s supporters outside the venue. They told us all about how Arvind Kejriwal sucks, free public services are actually bad, Muslims are taking over Delhi, Shaheen Bagh is full of anarchist, Naxalite and terrorist elements. Rattled, we hurried back to factcheck everything that had been said.



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