NL Recommends: How does a democracy slide into authoritarianism?

What you should read, watch and listen to this weekend.

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NL Recommends: How does a democracy slide into authoritarianism?
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The Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande

The book explores how we can make our complex modern lives smoother by adopting a system to approach all our personal and professional tasks. It details how beneficial keeping a checklist can be to our productivity.

– Ivneet Kaur

The Edge of Democracy Netflix

This documentary captures the years of transition of Brazil's political system. It explores how Brazil fought for democracy, ridding itself of an authoritarian military regime and voting in the Worker's Party, only to slide back towards authoritarianism. The film serves both as a mirror and a warning for what’s happening to the democratic setup of our own country.

– Chahak Gupta

How ads follow you around the internet Vox

The description to the video reads: "If you use the internet, you would certainly have come across this pop-up: 'This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Please accept cookies.' Cookies do improve your experience. They function as the website’s short-term memory; with each new click cookies help the site identify you as the same person. Imagine every time you add an item to your cart and it disappears as soon as you click away. You are spared all this trouble because of cookies."

This video explains how cookies work and what you should know about how they’re being used.

– Pramey Nigdikar

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