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Modi is 'Marie Kondo-ing India and only Muslims don't spark joy': Watch John Oliver rip into Narendra Modi

From the Citizenship Amendment Act to the RSS admiring Hitler, Oliver pulled no punches.

By NL Team

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is famous for tackling controversial topics, and yesterday's show was no different. With Donald Trump currently exploring India, Oliver decided to go after India's possibly most divisive figure: Narendra Modi.

Citing the citizenship law protests that have swamped India since December, Oliver said, "If citizens in the world's largest democracy, home to a billion people, are either wearing masks of Modi or marching in the streets, it seems like tonight it might be worth exploring why that is, where things might be heading, and why calling Modi the 'father of India' is stupid at best and dangerous at worst."

Oliver pulled no punches. He called demonetisation a "mess". He said Modi has a "dangerous superpower" of evading "public anger from sticking to him" which is especially bad considering Modi's "defining belief" is Hindu nationalism. Oliver also described the RSS, of which he called the BJP a "political arm", as a "hardcore Hindu nationalist paramilitary group" whose founders admired Hitler.

As Oliver succinctly put it, "There's only one thing to admire Hitler for: the fact that he killed Hitler."

The segment featured clips of speeches by Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath which Oliver said go beyond "dogwhistle Islamophobia". He called the National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship Amendment Act a "diabolically clever two-step way" to "strip millions of Muslims of citizenship".

Watch the entire segment here.