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NL Interview: BBC’s Jamie Angus on standing by their coverage of Delhi riots, and how to reduce the gender pay gap

‘We’ve reported fairly and accurately based on news gathering teams on the ground and what they have found.’

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Jamie Angus is the director of BBC World Services. In this conversation with Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri, he talks about the steps taken by the BBC to reduce the gender pay gap, the criticism faced by the BBC over its coverage of the Delhi riots, and what he thinks is a conducive revenue model for news to survive.

About the revenue model that works best for quality journalism, Angus says, “My strong personal belief, actually, is that news media needs to be sustained by a whole range of different funding models, and not end up all bottled up in one.”

Angus says the BBC stands by its reporting on the Delhi riots, which was called “biased” by several groups. He says the organisation is not representing any agenda. “We’ve reported fairly and accurately based on news gathering teams on the ground and what they have found.”

Angus thinks the emergence of conversations around fake news is good news for quality journalism. He also tells Abhinandan about the BBC’s expansion to eight regional languages in India.


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