NL recommends: How coronavirus catches you unawares, and kills you
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NL recommends: How coronavirus catches you unawares, and kills you

What you should read, watch and listen to this weekend.

By NL Team

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How the coronavirus could take over your body New York Magazine

Hypochondriacs, skip this one. For the rest of you, it’s an excellent explainer to understand how the virus that is wreaking havoc around the world works.

– Manisha Pande

Rank Injustice Caravan

Sagar explains why the sahayak, or buddy, culture of the Indian Army is extremely exploitative and colonial. And why it must be done away with.

– Anusuya Som

Lost Girls Netflix

Based on the book of the same title by Robert Kolker, the series follows a desperate woman determined to find her missing daughter. Her personal investigation leads the police to several unsolved murdered of sex workers. It’s a commentary on how crimes against sex workers are not taken as seriously as they should be.

– Anukriti Malik

It’s time we talked about human security Conversation

Dennis Altman, professorial fellow in human security at La Trobe University, underlines the need for global leaders to cooperate and urgently address the question of human security.

– Hameeda Syed

Family Planning Karan Mahajan

A novel about a powerful minister who, while dealing with the machinations of politics, must constantly work on his relationships with his dozen kids. It’s a fun read.

– Ayan Sharma