This Arnab Goswami spoof has gone viral. Watch

This Arnab Goswami spoof has gone viral. Watch

The Republic TV anchor has a signature style and this parody video nails it.

By NL Team

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Walk into a room and shout, "The nation wants to know", and it's guaranteed that at least one (or two, or 10) people will know exactly who you are referencing. Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami is pretty distinctive when it comes to his debating style (see: shouting) and the manner in which he delivers his daily lectures on his primetime show.

(And in case you were wondering, when Goswami launched Republic TV, he claimed his previous employer, Times Now, had sent him a legal notice "threatening him with imprisonment" if he used the phrase "the nation wants to know" again.)

So, it's not surprising that a video parodying Goswami's journalistic style recently went viral on Whatsapp and social media. From his low-to-high cadence, to shouting at people not to shout over him to muting panellists' microphones at will, this video has got it all.