NL Chatbox: Subscribers interact with Newslaundry team

You ask, we answer.

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NL Chatbox: Subscribers interact with Newslaundry team
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Ever so often at Newslaundry, we try to switch things around: we hear from our subscribers instead of the other way around. After all, we are powered by our subscribers, whose support allows us to pursue honest, independent journalism, and tell the stories that must be told.

NL Chatbox is one of the tools we use for this: a session for subscribers to ask us about our work and our views on issues, to tell us what they like, or don’t, and give us feedback on the work we do.

The latest edition of Chatbox took place on May 30, when the Newslaundry team fielded questions from subscribers over 90 minutes. We talked about a variety of subjects, from the importance of democratic institutions to the coronavirus lockdown to American politics. The conversations also covered the media, from access journalism to the apparent failure of advertiser-driven models during the lockdown. The team also discussed and examined our own coverage of the Central Vista project, Northeast India, and caste violence.

The next NL Chatbox session is scheduled for 7:30 pm IST on June 13. Do look out for our announcements on social media. We will also send you an email with more information.

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