Let Nationalist Media teach you how to boycott Chinese products

If you think they’re taking Chinese money to promote Chinese products, you’d be wrong. Stop being such a communist.

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It’s time China is taught a lesson. We need to give it back. Yes viewers, GIVE IT BACK. This is no time to ask questions of our government on how things came to such a pass. Neither should we ask the Dear Leader for a future plan or a strategy.

All we can and must do, is TEACH CHINA A LESSON.

How, you ask? It’s easy: by boycotting everything that the Chinese produce and sell in India. We must all boycott Chinese goods because that is the way we citizens can participate in the war effort.

What war, you ask? You really haven’t been watching much TV news, dear reader. Our nationalist anchors have been telling us for days and weeks how we’re teaching China a lesson and how we’re prepared for war.

On Zee News, Sudhir Chaudharyji even went so far as to do an excellent “DNA analysis” of China’s one-child-policy and how that’s led to the birth of weakling children who then join the People’s Liberation Army. Puny little momma’s boys who will run away screaming the moment they face our army, of course.

Our army is doing its job, it is teaching the Chinese and Pakistanis a lesson — but what are you doing? Have you no shame? How are you contributing to this war effort and expressing your love for Bharat?

Here’s the thing, our Indian Nationalist Media has found an amazing way to express their nationalism and you should try it out too. They are using Chinese ad money from Chinese companies to do shows on boycotting Chinese goods!

Genius, amirite?

I mean, while you boycott Chinese goods, of course you also need to know which products to boycott. Our news channels have thought of it all.

Let me show you.

ABP News style

One way is to copy a show like the US nationalist Fox & Friends, which our friend Donald Trump watches and refers to in order to make important decisions.

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Then, you need to flash headlines like “China is confused after India boycotts Chinese products”.

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Another tip is to talk about becoming atmanirbhar (self-reliant) and interview our very own “desi CEO”, Baba Ramdev. He will tell you how to boycott Chinese products and buy his swadeshi Patanjali products instead (nudge nudge wink wink).

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And then, your channel can flash ads for Myntra and Vivo.

imageby :
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Now, Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese company owned by BBK Electronics. They manufacture smartphones and have an intense presence in the Indian market. They even have brand ambassadors like Aamir Khan of “boycott Snapdeal” fame.

Myntra, on the other hand, is owned by e-commerce company Flipkart.

Flipkart is flush with money from Chinese investment firm, TR Capital, which also has investments in other Indian e-commerce companies like Lenskart and BigBasket.

ABP’s Rubika Ma’am was right when she said: “...Ek to aap seema par jawab de muhtod, ek bahishkaar janta ki taraf se aur ek bade paimaane par baaki mulkon ke saath milkar ek aisa gathjod taiyaar kiya jaaye, ki trishool bhaari pad jaye China par.” (...first you give a response at the border, then the people will do a mass boycott,, and then we will combine forces with other countries to form a trishool which will be dangerous for China.)

And the channel makes it even easier by constantly showing us the products we need to boycott. Thanks, Rubika!

Times Now style

BFF of the Nation, Rahul Shivshankar, felt #ChinaMustBeTamed.

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That’s right, Rahul. The Chinese need to be tamed, like the beasts they are. And the ones to tame them would be our glorious media channels. These channels will tame the Chinese just like they’ve managed to tame so many regular panellists within those six windows that look like prison cells full of screaming individuals on most days.

Meanwhile, Navika also felt #ChinaMustPay.

imageby :

See that little logo in the bottom right corner? Haier? The appliance company? Guess who owns it. Before you answer, also look at RSS profoundly caressing his chin beside the title sponsor Haier.

imageby :

Our amazing anchors at Times Now know very well that the way China is really paying is by paying them to advertise on Times Now! Haier is owned by Qingdao Haier Refrigerator Co. Ltd, a Chinese company that’s listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

What’s more, the strategic investment arm of the Times Group also has investments in Flipkart, which has Chinese funding in it too.

Well done, Times Now, you show those Chinese beasts how it’s done. Tame away!

Republic TV style

Then there is the instigator-in-chief and The Nation himself, Arnab Goswami. His channel, Republic TV, has also been railing against China like a true nationalist using poignant hashtags like #ChinaGetOut.

His channel also featured debates on #BoycottChina where he said stuff like “....We will reposition as a nation that will not tolerate Chinese aggression anymore. That’s why Indians give a call to boycott Chinese goods, China should be really scared.”

So very scary. He went on: “We can live without it. Why shouldn’t Indians boycott Chinese products? India is sitting on the second largest mobile phone market in the world, why should we hand it on a platter to China?”

Yes, why should we hand this market out to them on a platter, Arnab? He’s right. To point out how to not buy Chinese phones, Arnab had Vivo and Xiaomi’s Mi10 sponsoring his show.

Again, I repeat, this was done so that you do not buy Vivo and Mi10, because all nationalists know the need to teach China a lesson at this point. As Arnab has elaborated multiple times.

News18 India Style

Then we come to My Dear Friend Amish Devgan and his channel News18 India.

Amish Devgan said, “Iska nishkarsh ye hai ki Bharat ki Sena par aur Hind par yakeen rakhiye, bahot kuchh iss baar hoga, agar China nai maanega to, kyunki kai cheezein hain jo andar-khaate chal rahi hain, jisko television screen par nai bola jaa sakta.”

In other words, “The lesson here is that trust the Indian army and trust the nation, a lot will happen this time if China doesn’t listen. There are certain things that are happening which can’t be said on the TV screen.”

We get it, Amish. All nationalists have understood that you can’t really say why your channel is showing ads of Chinese products. You see, outside his TV screen, Amish has been tweeting about boycotting Chinese products too.

Meanwhile, his own show was sponsored by Haier.

imageby :

Now, look at this image carefully. What do you see?

imageby :

I see four products, two Indian ones which you should buy and two Chinese ones which you should not buy. Yet again, News18 here is very clearly telling us what we should buy and what we should boycott in order to serve the nation just as My Dear Friend has been elaborating for the past few weeks.

Adopt a boycott style, save the nation

As demonstrated above, our nationalist media is at the forefront of boycotting Chinese products. If you think that they are taking Chinese money by showing ads of these Chinese products, which should be boycotted for nation building, then you would be wrong. Because only communists and anti-national elements take money from China.

These channels have proven time and again that they love our country and will never take money from our enemies. Be it Pakistan, Dawood or China. They are showing these ads so that their discerning and clever audience knows that these are the products which should not be bought.


(With inputs from Anna Priyadarshini)


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