HW News’ Mumbai office raided by IT officials

HW News’ Mumbai office raided by IT officials

“We’ve not seen income for a long, long time. But there was a raid,” said Managing Editor, Sujit Nair.

By NL Team

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The office of HW News Network in Mumbai was raided by the Income Tax department on September 16. The raid was carried on for more than 50 hours at the office of Theo Connect Pvt Ltd, the parent organization of HW News Network.

In an update posted on the website, the portal stated that the mobile phones of their staffers were seized and they were not allowed to access any communication channels during the period. “We were asked to not touch our computer systems. WhatsApp chats of our editorial staff, their notes were checked,” stated the website.

In a video episode of Editorial shared on Twitter, Sujit Nair, the Managing Editor of HW News, said, “We’ve not seen income for a long, long time but there was a raid. We still believe that the Reserve Bank of India was responsible for the debacle of Punjab and Maharashtra Bank. We still believe that India needs economic stimuli.”

Some staff members were present in office for two consecutive nights during the raids. A detailed statement is expected from the news network.

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