NL Interview: Max Abrahms on the US election, Trump’s chances, and the role of the media

‘There are a lot of things about Donald Trump that I could criticise, but aspects of his foreign policy have made me happy.’

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NL Interview: Max Abrahms on the US election, Trump’s chances, and the role of the media
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Max Abrahms is an author, associate professor of political science and public policy at Northeastern University in the United States, and non-resident scholar at the Quincy Institute.

In this interview with Shubh Soni, Max discusses the impending American presidential election, especially in the context of foreign policy, and the influence wielded over it by the news media.

Max believes there are two ways in which President Donald Trump is perceived as a threat. “One is projected like how he is a hazard to democracy, and basically Putin’s stooge,” he says. “Another is more real, based on the possibility of him changing the composition of the Supreme Court. For instance, making abortion illegal through his chosen nominee.” This makes the election “very important”, he says, “for the future of democracy in America”.

Max notes that most foreign intelligence advisors, whether Republican or Democrat, have put their weight behind Joe Biden. He also explains why he’s positive that Trump will be defeated in the upcoming election.

Talking about the influence of the American media, Max maintains that the TV news media is “extraordinarily important” but has played an “activist” role since 2014, trying to ensure that Trump doesn’t get a second term. He believes this is at the cost of the TV media’s “intellectual” role of educating viewers on facts. He adds that their work has been “questionable”.


Text by Sukriti Vats.

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