Hafta 299: Zee News on Delhi riots, federalism in India, and the state of Opposition parties in Kashmir

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Hafta 299: Zee News on Delhi riots, federalism in India, and the state of Opposition parties in Kashmir
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This week on NL Hafta, Newslaundry’s Abhinandan Sekhri, Manisha Pande, Raman Kirpal and Mehraj D Lone are joined by independent journalist Rohini Mohan.

The panelists discuss Zee News refusing to reveal its sources to the Delhi High Court with regard to its reporting on the Delhi riots. Abhinandan asks if it’s time to revisit long-established traditions like freedom of speech. Manisha believes that “revealing sources by one TV channel in court can set a precedent, which can be used against other journalists going forward”.

On the changing nature of federalism in India, which is one of the reasons for the BJP’s failure in some southern states, Rohini says: “Whether it’s a BJP-ruled state or not, there’s a growing sense of the Centre overstepping its functions — GST being the great betrayal.” Raman agrees, saying that through bodies like the CBI and the ED, the Centre’s intervention into state affairs has become more blatant.

In the context of states rebelling against the Centre, such as Punjab passing ordinances challenging the former’s agriculture laws, Mehraj talks about the situation in Kashmir. Explaining the recent crackdown on Farooq Abdullah in a money laundering case, he says, “They [the Centre] will not allow even a little voice against them.” Opposition parties have now been pushed to the fringe, he says, their power slowly being shifted towards newly installed local leaders.

This and a lot more, so listen up!

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09:49 - Headlines

16:40 - Bombay High Court pulls up Republic for media trial in SSR case

18:18 - Delhi High Court asks Zee to reveal its sources

37:46 - Subscriber mails

54:40 - Punjab moves resolution against farm laws, Maharashtra withdraws consent to CBI

01:07:52 - Subscriber mails

01:11:39 - J&K parties' alliance For Article 370

01:17:09 - Subscriber mails

01:30:39 - Shooting of protesters in Nigeria

01:34:34 - Subscriber mails

01:42:38 - Recommendations


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Produced by Aditya Varier and Lipi Vats, recorded by Anil Kumar, edited by Harshula Sharma.

Transcription by Sukriti Vats.

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