Awful and Awesome Ep 205: The Serpent, Tenet, Sudani from Nigeria

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Awful and Awesome Ep 205: The Serpent, Tenet, Sudani from Nigeria
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Taking about The Great Indian Kitchen in light of the “time inversion” concept from Christopher Nolan’s Tenet:

Rajyasree: I did not see why it was so great because...

Abhinandan: You may not have understood it.

Rajyasree: No, full I understood, okay. It has subtitles.

Abhinandan: I’m being patronising again.

Rajyasree: Again.

Abhinandan: Like Tenet, this is also...

Rajyasree: This is also temporal, she’s gonna walk in through the other door and that drumstick will not be chewed up.

Abhinandan: She uncooks. Instead of cooking she’s uncooking.

Rajyasree: So, she uncooks this bad lie that she has.

Abhinandan: (laughing) So, instead of an anda...

Rajyasree: You sound very bad, it better be a good joke.

Abhinandan: Instead of making anda she’s making da, because she’s undone the anda so it becomes da.

Rajyasree: I’m so thankful that you don’t have a humour podcast. At one point, so that everyone knows, Abhinandan thought he could be a standup comic, but all his friends got together and said...

Abhinandan: “People will throw andas at you!”

Rajyasree and Abhinandan burst out laughing.

This and a whole lot of other stuff awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri and Rajyasree Sen discuss Christopher Nolan’s Tenet; Malayalam films The Great Indian Kitchen and Sudani from Nigeria; Marathi film & Jara Hatke; web series The Serpent; documentary series Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, and more.

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00.01 Introduction

03.05 Letters from listeners

07.57 Tenet

18.48 The Great Indian Kitchen

31.44 Letter from listeners

36.43 Sudani from Nigeria

44.21 The Serpent

54.27 Letter from listeners

58.15 & Jara Hatke

1.05.39 Dancing With The Devil

1.11.21 Mrs Sri Lanka pageant

1.14.15 Google ad



The Serpent

Sudani From Nigeria

Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil

The Great Indian Kitchen

& Jara Hatke

Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant

Google ad

Recorded and produced by Jude Weston, edited by Umrav Singh.

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