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Reporters Without Orders Ep 168: Jaggi Vasudev’s shady dealings

A reporters’ podcast about what made news and what shouldn’t have.

ByNL Team
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In this episode, host Ayush Tiwari is joined by Prateek Goyal of Newslaundry to discuss his series on the rise of Jaggi Vasudev, known to his devotees as Sadhguru, as one of India’s most influential godmen, and is dubious business and “spiritual” dealings.

Prateek explains how Vasudev’s rise was enabled by politicians and the media, how he used this influence to build a sprawling yoga centre in an ecologically sensitive elephant corridor near Coimbatore in blatant violation of laws, and how he makes a lot of money selling products and “spiritual” services a good deal of which his foundation shows as donations to evade paying taxes.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without political backing, Prateek argues.

He also touches upon Vasudev’s cultivation of the media and his shady dealing involving the Cauvery Calling project.

This and a lot more as they talk about what made news, what didn’t, and what shouldn’t have.

Tune in.



Propped by press and politicians: How Jaggi Vasudev became Sadhguru

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Produced by Aditya Varier, edited by Samarendra K Dash.

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