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Hafta 336: Stan Swamy, Dilip Kumar, and Modi’s cabinet reshuffle

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

WrittenBy:NL Team

This week on NL Hafta, Abhinandan Sekhri, Manisha Pande, Raman Kirpal, and Anand Vardhan of Newslaundry are joined by independent journalist Anumeha Yadav.

Anumeha analyses the various aspects of the Bhima Koregaon case in the wake of the activist Stan Swamy’s death in custody. Anand opines that "in this particular case, a lot of things have come down to freedom of expression". The conversation also spans the media’s coverage of Swamy's death.

Commenting on Narendra Modi’s cabinet reshuffle, Raman remarks, "The ministers have changed but the bureaucracy associated with ministries will not change at all.”

The panel then talk about the filmstar Dilip Kumar, who died this week, and his contribution to Indian cinema. Anand, who wrote an obituary of the actor for Newslaundry, remarks, "To remember Dilip Kumar is to remember the brooding pause, the essential decency of it.”

The conversation also covers the row involving Twitter and the Modi government’s contentious IT rules, infighting in the Lok Janshakti Party, and a lot more.


Text by Ritika Chauhan.

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