NL Interview: Ghazala Wahab on being a Muslim in India

NL Interview: Ghazala Wahab on being a Muslim in India

Newslaundry hosts the author and journalist for NL Recess.

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In this episode of NL Recess, Mehraj D Lone hosts journalist and author Ghazala Wahab to discuss her recently released book Born a Muslim: Some Truths About Islam in India, an autobiographical narrative of her journey through her faith.

Ghazala grew up privileged and received a university education but that, she says, didn't spare her from the constant fear of violence and prejudice that Muslims live with in India. In this context, she mentions a Hindu mob attack in her neighbourhood which significantly shaped how she viewed the state of her community.

Ghazala talks about the “pervasive insecurity” that Muslims in India are subjected to and how it impacts the way they think about and practise their faith, and live their lives.

The current sociopolitical climate in the country that breeds prejudice against Muslims, Ghazala argues, has less to do with the minority community and more to do with the “insecurities of Hindus". To fix this situation, she adds, the Indian democracy must move away from using religion as a marker of political power or representation.


Text by Ruchi Shahagadkar.

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