TV Newsance 145: News18 ‘choodi jihad’ and TV9 trip to Afghanistan

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WrittenBy:NL Team

As the news media all over the world reported on the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan this week, Indian TV news too got in on the action – but thoda hatke. TV9 Bharatrvarsh took us on, and for, a ride to the mountains of Afghanistan where we were introduced to Vedic giants and Mahabharata-era aircraft that left us envious of what the folks at TV9 smoke.

Meanwhile, as a group of Afghan Sikhs evacuated from Kabul landed in Delhi, eulogies of the Supreme Leader poured in on Indian TV. Primetime anchors and panellists turned into parrots singing praises of the contentious new citizenship law, except they craftly hid a crucial detail. Find out what.

Finally, at the News18 Network, the weekly propaganda was neatly divided between its regional and national TV channels. While Amish Devgan schooled us about Mughal history on the group’s Hindi channel, News18 MP and Chattisgarh went on an anti-Muslim “choodi jihad” spree as they (un)skillfully (mis)covered the mob assault on a Muslim bangle seller in Indore. What is the actual truth in the bangle seller case?



Indore: How a bangle seller was thrashed by a mob and then arrested for molestation

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Minister Puri is wrong – CAA has played no role in helping Afghan Hindus and Sikhs come to India


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