Hafta letters: Diversifying the Hafta panel, CAG reports, misconceptions on Islam

NL subscribers get back with bouquets and brickbats!

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Hello NL team, thank you everyone for doing such wonderful work.

This is with regard to two emails, one read on Hafta 346 and the other on Hafta 347, where subscribers pointed out their reservations about Islam.

There are a ton of misconceptions with regard to Islam which can easily be ironed out by scholars who have knowledge about Islam and history. Unfortunately, intentionally or unintentionally, the media has never given learned Islam scholars space to speak. Therefore, I requested the NL team quite sometime ago to get Mr Adnan Rashid (Pakistani origin, UK citizen) on the podcast.

Ms Yasmin Mogahed (pronounced Mujahid) would also add a lot of value to answer questions about the rights and status of women in Islam.

The reason I insist is because it would at least help in stopping the divide that's being created by the BJP-RSS within India. Also, it would give the correct message about Islam to our NL family, ie subscribers.

Manisha, you are a rockstar. I forward Newsance to everyone on Whatsapp so that more and more people watch the truth in a funny way.

Atul's Tippani is too good. I listen to NL Charcha because of Atul and Meghnad. Meghnad's Sansad Watch is LAJAWAAB 👍👍

Once in a while, get Meghnad on Hafta as well.

Love you all. Tons of best wishes.


My first letter to an amazing team. Our country needs wonderful people like you. I can say more and more people are now depending on independent news media like you.

Can I suggest that Niku plays this song at the end of the podcast?

Imran Sherif Umar


Hi everyone,

Thank you for the amazing work you guys are doing.

It has been pointed out by many subscribers, but why can't we have someone with opposing views as an NL panelist? Many times there is no one to counter any view stated by the panelists. I know it's difficult to find a sane mind to have such discussions from the other side of the spectrum, but you can try.

If not, Abhinandan can try to bring Kangana with the help of his friend Deepika :D



Hi team,

I feel good about myself for being part (~1.5 years) of this growing community. Great team and superb work; special mention to Manisha and Atul for the weekly shows.


Panel is dominated by the same set of people from NL and we miss the opportunity to listen to other members doing reporting and from outside the NL group. Kindly invite at least two experts from outside NL, Abhi and Raman sir can use "पहुंच & जुगाड़ " to get this done easily.


1) Start a show covering the issues on the ground like education, healthcare, city planning, etc.

2) Manifesto vs reality for both centre and state. I think people have forgotten about smart cities, Aawas Yojana, minimum government maximum governance (the size of the government now is much higher than 2014), etc.

3) Project on financials of state and centre so that people know the debt and income of the government and make a weekly/monthly show only talking about the economy.

4) Climate needs a dedicated section on NL. Not only what will happen but also the current impact on farming cycles, animals, and then the evil of all humans.




Dear Abhinandan,

I had reported issues regarding the podcast player. You said in the Hafta that you will address this immediately. What corrective measures have been done regarding the same? The podcast player still works in the same way.




The CAG publishes rather in-depth analysis of various key metrics relevant to keeping track of government activities for the central government as well as the state government over a wide range of topics. So much so that like publishers and reporters like NL getting "surveyed", often governments try to keep things out of CAG purview in order to have a more opaque and free hand of things.

Will NL be open to creating a dedicated session to CAG reports similar to how Meghnad does for Sansad Watch? I have always personally wanted to collaborate on these nerdy reports but never had the adequate discipline and motivation to keep up with it regularly enough. Will be more than happy to volunteer if you feel it's something worth at least exploring.



Hi NL team,

Happy to be a subscriber.

How do you reconcile your stand of keeping NL ad-free when carrying descriptions of "powered by" (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Google, Hyatt) in your session descriptions for The Media Rumble? The name placement implies a financial arrangement. How do you convey confidence that NL will not carry out stories involving Google, Hyatt in the future?




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